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Hello and welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy learning about Yoga for All. I am Angelika and throughout my life I have been interested in staying fit and healthy to enjoy life.

I have studied languages in Germany, French and English, and I was always interested in foreign countries and in the cultural differences and other lifestyles. My first venture brought me to Bologna in Italy with my 3 year old daughter. I was asked by a German fashion producer to set up a buying company in Italy. My Italian at that time was very basic but I managed to pick it up quite quickly. My next venture took me to Vienna when my daughter was 10 years old and where I met my partner with whom I went to London where I studied Ecology and Conservation which was the most interesting study for me as a nature and animal lover. From there I set up in Rome working as an estate agent, then to Munich in Germany and Vienna, always working as an estate agent. The next big step was a job in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where I stayed for 10 years before coming to the UK.

Now at the age of 72 I am still active working full time and my hobbies apart from yoga are golf and cooking.

My life with Yoga

As you can imagine, getting used and settled in all these places, mainly as a single parent, was not easy but I managed to find yoga classes everywhere and I have to say that Yoga always was a big help when I was getting a bit desperate and was feeling very lonely in these new places.

Nowadays Yoga is much more popular than when I started

When I started to join yoga classes there were only a certain type of people who were passionate about yoga but with an increasing difficult and challenging lifestyle which most people experience the ancient art of yoga has become much more popular and people of all backgrounds and ages can be seen attending classes and practising.

All the content I am writing here shall help you to understand how yoga can improve your life and I would like to hear from you if you had experienced a change with yoga or if you have any specific questions which I would love to answer.

If you start practising you will never stop

I know if is difficult to make time for yourself, for yoga, and to find a quiet place during your busy life. But believe me, you can achieve this and with every yoga session you will find it easier and you will not want to miss your regular yoga time.

To a healthier, more joyful and peaceful life!

Start your journey now!


Founder of Yoga for All



2 thoughts on “About Angelika

  1. Richard Hattaway Reply

    Very informative. My niche is “Workout at Home”. I am trying to get my yoga fanatic daughter to “guest blog” for me. Increase in serotonin impressed me the most!

    • admin Reply

      Hello Richard
      thank you for your comment – I hope your niche will help a lot of people.
      Warm regards

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