When you are doing yoga on a regular basis and start to enjoy the poses and the benefits for your body and mind, you might want to get a good eco friendly yoga mat. But if you do your research on the internet, your might find it kind of overwhelming and just go out and buy any mat. I want to give you an overview of the mats for sale, their highs and lows, their price range and also some special recommendations to improve your poses.


The yoga industry is experiencing a steady increase. More and more people want to change their lifestyle and are looking for alternatives to their very busy lives. We are more conscious about our well being than a decade ago. And taking care of your body by going to a fitness studio is a very good start but we also become aware of our mental health. So yoga is a very good combination of both – body and mind.

It is estimated that more than 300 million are practicing yoga worldwide. The number of people over 50 has tripled over the last four years in the US. Men practicing yoga in the US has more than doubled in the last years.

The reasons people take up yoga are

  • Improving flexibility
  • Relief stress
  • General fitness
  • Improve overall health
  • Physical fitness
  • Release tension
  • Feel happier
  • Get rid of anxiety
  • Lose weight

The yoga industry is worth over $ 84 billion worldwide


  • They help to maintain postures if you are sweating
  • They are more comfortable for the poses than any other surface
  • They define the boundary of the practice area
  • The more sophisticated mats help to do the poses correctly
  • They help to get in the mood of starting your yoga practice
  • They define your private space
  • They keep you stable in your poses
  • They are hygienic and only used by you
  • They can travel with you
  • They can be easily cleaned


Good quality yoga mats are

  • produced with eco friendly materials
  • are sold in a variety of thicknesses and sizes
  • are easy to wash
  • are easy to carry
  • are produced in a lot of colors and patterns
  • have a nice smell
  • have markings for your poses

Some key aspects to consider include:

Thickness: If too thin, your might feel uncomfortable or even experience pain like on a hard ground, if too thick, you might find it difficult for balancing.

Material: There are a lot of materials to chose from, depending on the yoga programme you are doing and on your personal taste – do you like more natural materials like jute or cork or do you prefer rubber or PVC.

Texture: Texture is very important for grip and to prevent slipping in certain poses. If you like a more pronounced texture you will find various models which I will describe in the following chapter.

Stickiness: It will prevent sliding and helps you to align.

Weight: Think if you want to carry around your mat very often or take on a trip – you might opt for a lighter version or have more mats.


  • PVC for standard yoga mats
  • Natural and recycled rubber
  • Jute
  • Cork


Yoga mats come in a variety of sizes:

The normal size is 173 x 61 cm.

There are also wider mats with 71 cm or 76 cm in width.

Extra long yoga mats come in lengths of 180 cm, 183 cm, 188 cm and 213 cm. Some brands offer extra long mats that are beyond 213 cm long.

Circular yoga mats have a diameter of 140 cm.

Some examples of yoga mats of different materials


Pharamond Life Yoga Mat – recyclable and biodegradable substances

ecoYoga jute mat – natural rubber and natural jute fabric

Liforme Yoga mat – natural rubber

CorkYogis Classic cork yoga mat – cork

Manduka Pro Yoga mat – PVC



I will show you 4 examples each in price ranges from £ 20 to £ 49, from £ 50 to £ 99 and from £ 100 and above.

Yoga mats between £ 20 and £ 49


Yoga mats between £ 50 and £ 99

Yoga mats over £ 100



If you prefer a certain material, I have compiled a list of mats according to material.

If you are travelling or have to carry your yoga mat to various places, then you might choose a mat according to the weight.


Weight of the various yoga mats


Whether you are a beginner or a long time yogi, you will want to buy a mat which ticks all the boxes like good value for money, size that suits you, material that you like, weight of the mat if you want to travel and it can be quite overwhelming if you want to make a decision. I have tried to help you choose the mat for you! I hope you enjoy reading this post and that it will help you and save time and money.


  1. Michel Reply

    I have been looking at buying a new Pilates mat as my old one has gone missing, so this review came at just the right time. Some of these may be a little thin for Pilates, but I love the look of the last one mentioned as well as the cork one. The ecoYoga jute mat might also work quite well, as in the picture it looks quite thick.

    Will either of these three be thick enough for Pilates? I loved my thicker one that I had because you could use it for both Pilates and for Yoga.

    • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

      Hello Michel, thank you for your comment. If you need a Pilates mat, I am not sure what thickness you need but I have mentioned all the measurements, also thickness, so it should be easy to chose one. All the best, Angelika

  2. Antonio Reply

    Hi Angelika

    Thank you very much for this detailed review of yoga mats, as you are right it can be such a difficult decision to get right. You have to get the yoga mat that is right for you and for individuals that will change, as for some they will prefer a certain size, texture and thickness, whilst for others it will be something different. When I practice yoga I want the may to be as comfortable as possible, easy to transport around and must be able to handle sweat. I must find it relaxing as well. You do not realise that you have such a wide choice, but you have made is quite clear for what to look for in a yoga  mat. I thank you for you have  helped me to make a future decision when I want to buy a new mat


    • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

      Hello Antonio

      thank you for your encouraging comment and I am glad I could help making a buying decision for your next mat. All the best


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