Yoga clothes for women – choose your style

If you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner, you will always need comfortable clothing in which you will feel well and in which you can move freely. And even if your usual jogging outfit might work for the beginning, you might want to have special clothes for your practice – not only for comfort but also feeling that when you start wearing this it is the beginning of a yoga session and it will enhance your mood and let you look forward to some time just for yourself.

Which types of clothes

For your information, I wanted to list the types of clothing suitable for yoga and show you some examples.

Yoga bras

The type of yoga bra you choose will be based on your bra size and how much coverage you want.



Yoga underwear

As with all sports, yoga has an element of sweat, which means that you want your base layers to be breathable. When choosing the right underwear to wear during yoga, steer clear of cotton, which won’t be breathable enough. Look for underwear that won’t chafe or move during your yoga poses.


Yoga Tops

For the most part, people who do yoga like to wear form-fitting tank tops or t-shirts that have a snug fit on the waist and hips. This kind of narrow fit means the shirt won’t fall over your head as you bend forward.

But some people also feel more comfortable in loose tops and will have to wear something underneath.


Yoga Sweaters and Jackets

If you’re working out in chilly weather or if you’re going to run errands post-class, look for a sweater or jacket designed for yoga. A warm, comfy cover-up can be a jacket or a sweatshirt, one with the same perks as the rest of your yoga clothing (breathability, comfort, etc.).



Yoga Leggings and Pants



There are all sorts of yoga leggings and pants out there in an assortment of colors and designs; lengths; and fits.

If you’re worried about having part of your body or skin exposed as
you bend and stretch, look for yoga pants with a high waist, which will
provide extra coverage. They won’t ride down even as you bend over,
which provides extra coverage and also comfort.

Yoga leggings are usually either mid-calf or full-length, and they
can either have a snug or loose fit. You may prefer loose-fitting yoga
pants if you take a slow yoga class, like restorative yoga or yin yoga.
Other types of faster or more intense classes, like vinyasa yoga, are
better suited to more snug pants because you don’t want your clothing to
impede your movements. If you still want to wear looser pants for a
more challenging class, look for pants that cinch around the ankle.

Yoga Shorts


For women, yoga shorts are usually made out of spandex.

Yoga Socks

While you may picture most people doing yoga in just their bare feet, you may actually prefer to practice yoga while wearing socks. Not just any socks will do, though– regular socks will let you slip all over the floor. Yoga socks are specifically made to help you better grip your yoga mat. There are plastic treads on the bottom of the socks to keep you from sliding.


Yoga Gloves

Yoga gloves are very similar to yoga socks. They’re thin gloves that have rubberized dots on them that help with grip. Yoga gloves are also a good idea if you tend to have sweaty palms, which can make gripping extra hard during certain poses.

Which material is best?


Bamboo is a highly ranked natural fabric widely used in making
activewear. It is light, soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking. The
bamboo fabric is also known to protect your skin from ultra-violet rays.
It regulates your temperature and also repels odors. The material
protects you against the sun and keeps you fresh even after intense
workout sessions.


If you are sweating, you will need
a breathable fabric which can handle moisture. Nylon is soft and dries quickly. It is also highly
breathable and moisture-wicking at the same time.


Spandex, a synthetic fabric, also called lycra or elastane, is a
fabric with high elasticity. It can even expand up to 600% of its
size. Spandex is breathable as well as moisture-wicking and dries quickly.


Cotton is an excellent fabric as long as you blend it with other
fabrics like spandex. This is because cotton absorbs moisture, which is
not suitable for heavy workout sessions.


Polyester is
durable, lightweight, breathable, and wrinkle-resistant. The material is excellent at repelling UV rays and is protecting you in wet environments.

Where to buy?

You can either buy online or go to a shop whichever is more convenient for you. The brands below are all available on Amazon.

Here are some of my favorite brands:

PRANA – Fair Trade Certified, Fair Labour Association, Organic Cotton, Recycled Wool, Blue Design (to keep oceans and the air free from harmful chemicals)

LULULEMON – good online classes, lots of information about yoga

ALO YOGA – huge variety of beautiful yoga clothes

BEYOND YOGA – promoting safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing

OUTDOOR VOICES – reducing use of conventional fabrics in favor of more sustainable alternatives

ALALA – huge variety of yoga clothes, very stylish

GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVE – made from recycled materials and produced ethically

NEW CHIC – unusual design


Even if you think you can do yoga in any clothes you might have at home I would suggest to invest some money in proper yoga clothes for various reasons:

  • Having special clothes for yoga will bring you in the mood of starting with the poses, like when you roll out your mat
  • Yoga clothes are designed for comfort so that you will not be hindered in doing any poses
  • You will feel the material which is just right not to let you sweat too much or which can enhance your body feeling
  • Buying and wearing yoga clothes from a sustainable material and ethical company will help the environment and will give you a good feeling to contribute to a better world

I would love to hear from you – send me your ideas and even some pictures in your favorite yoga gear!

8 thoughts on “Yoga clothes for women – choose your style

  1. Michel Reply

    Love the yoga bras featured on your page and I wondered what the support is like. Could you also use them for running for instance, or only for low impact activities?

    I have a pair of yoga socks already and I must say that they are wonderful. They are non slip and I also use them to walk around in at home as it feels like you are barefooted.

    • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

      Thank you for your comment. As regards support, you can state what kind of support you want when choosing a yoga bra, there are lots of varieties in all kinds of fabrics. Good idea to wear your yoga socks at home!

  2. dreamgirl93 Reply


    Thank you for this informative article! I want to ask you about something which bothers me while doing yoga. Which are the best yoga clothes for sweat? 

    I sweat a lot which doing yoga that’s why this is my concern. 

    As for the pants I like those with high waist of course as they are more comfortable.

    • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

      Thank you for your comment. As regards your question about sweating I would suggest you buy clothes made of Spandex or Lycra which will transport sweat outside of the fabric to evaporate. Good idea to wear yoga socks at home!

  3. Sami Reply

    Yoga Clothes For Women was an interesting article that I didn’t expect. I knew that the yoga exercise had a large appeal to the masses, but just had not gotten very far along with the whole idea.  So, I thought that those who had “special clothes” for yoga were a little over the top.  I fully agree that when you dress for what you want to do you are more prepared to do a good job.  So of course, that goes for yoga as well.  My few attempts had involved a pair of stretchy pants and an oversized tee-shirt!  The first thing on my shopping list is a new yoga bra.  Thanks to your article telling me more about how to shop, I am sure I will be able to find one that works great, or actually this will be a good online order item.  Considering the times we are in.  Ok, we have a plan of action.

    I noticed that you listed a site that offered lessons in your list of resources.  The feeling ready for the yoga practice with the proper support and clothing will help make this lazy mind get ready to learn this form of exercise.  I had been considering this, just needed to have a little push- your information may have been just that push. Thanks, Sami

    • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

      Hello Sami, thank you for your comment and I am really very pleased if my article will help you to start with yoga. Check out the free online lessons which comes in handy in these lock down times! And you are right, wearing the right clothes in preparation for your yoga session will definitely prepare you for your me time! Good luck with starting yoga as a new adventure!

  4. edahnewton1 Reply

    Hey nice article you have there. Having a perfect cloth for yoga activities is a perfect initiative. My wife love for Yoga has increased in recent time because of the quality of yoga dress she has access to. To her when she put on the dress, she feels she can do any exercise as men, most especially when she wore yoga bra and short with the gloves.

    • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

      Thank you for your encouraging comment. It is exactly like you say – the right clothes get you in the mood and you feel being able to embrace all yoga poses!

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