Hello and welcome back! This will be my third part of Yoga Poses Explained – Mental and Physical Effects and I hope you enjoy it in the same way as you did with the former 2 parts. So I do not have to explain what this is all about and we can just start now – enjoy reading and later practising!

Your muscular body

Your brain and its functions

Explanation of the different parts of the brain and their functions


 Cerebrum – the outer part of the brain

Responsible for memory, conciousness, attention, language and thought

Frontal lobe

Responsible for personality, behaviour and emotions

Parietal lobe

Puts things in order when writing or reading or doing numbers

Temporal lobe

Responsible for understanding things we see and hear, remembering, recognizing and naming things

Occiptal lobe

Processes information from our eyes


Controls movement, balance and posture

Physical and mental effects of the following 10 poses:

1. Bound angle pose

Bound angle posesee



Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red


  • stimulates and massages abdominal organs
  • stimulates ovaries and prostate gland, bladder and kidneys
  • stimulates the heart and improves general circulation
  • stretches inner thighs, groins and knees
  • soothes menstrual discomfort and sciatica
  • helps relieve the symptoms of menopause
  • improves digestion
  • stretches spine and shoulders

Mental effects

  • relieves stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression
  • helps with emotional stability
  • decreases fear of intimacy
  • perfect pose for meditation

2. Butterfly pose

Butterfly pose – see

Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red

  • regulates menstrual flow and keeps the kidneys, bladder and prostate healthy
  • discharges any toxins from reproductive area
  • opens up the groin area and hip joint
  • softens the shoulders
  • stimulates connective tissues of groin for healthier ligaments, fascia and tendons
  • helps relieve urinary disorders, sciatica pain and hernia

Mental effects

  • helps to release stress
  • perfect pose for meditation
  • guides the path towards internal reflection
  • gives relief from tension and headaches
  • links to the emotional and pleasure needs
  • gives a sense of safety and security

3. Dolphin pose

Dolphin pose –








Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red


  • strengthens arms, legs and shoulders
  • opens shoulders and upper back
  • stretches shoulders, hamstrings and calves
  • helps relieve the symptoms of menopause
  • relieves menstrual discomfort
  • helps prevent osteoporosis
  • improves digestion


Mental effects

  • calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression
  • feeds the brain by bringing more blood to head and face
  • relieves tension
  • improves memory, concentration and increases awareness

4. Eagle pose

Eagle pose
 – see

Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red


  • strengthens thighs, hips, ankles and calves
  • loosens wrists
  • strengthens legs
  • stretches shoulders and upper back

Mental effects

  • cultivates confidence
  • improves sense of balance
  • builds up focus and conentration

5. Extended hand-to-big-toe pose

Extended hand-to-big-toe posesee https://

Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red



  • stretches hamstrings
  • opens hips, shoulders and arms
  • strengthens legs and ankles
  • stretches hips and arms
  • tones abdomens

Mental effects

  • improves sense of balance
  • helps with focus and concentration
  • develops self awareness
  • calms the mind
  • revitalizes the nervous system



6. Extended side angle pose


Extended side angle pose – see

Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red

  • stretches and strengthens legs, knees and ankles
  • stretches groin, spine, waist, chest and shoulders
  • tones abdominal muscles

Mental effects

  • gives a feeling of relaxation
  • improves confidence
  • boosts the immune system
  • Increases stamina

7. Extended triangle pose


Extended triangle pose – see

Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red

  • stretches legs, groins, hips, shoulders, chest and spine
  • strengthens feet, ankles and legs
  • stimulates abdominal organs

Mental effects

  • helps relieve stress and anxiety


8. Forward fold



Forward fold – see


Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red


  • stretches hips, hamstrings and calves
  • srengthens  thighs and knees
  • strengthens spine and keeps it flexible
  • activates abdominals

Mental effects

  • reduces stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue
  • calms the mind and soothes the nerves


9. Four-limbed staff pose


Four-limbed staff pose – see

Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red

  • strengthens arms, shoulders  and wrists
  • tones abdominal muscles
  • develops core stability

Mental effects

  • increases stamina
  • invigorates the mind

10. Half lord of the fishes


Half lord of the fishes – see

Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red

  • stretches shoulders, hips, neck and spine
  • energizes the spine
  • helps digestive system

Mental effects

  • relieves symptoms of fatigue
  • enhances confidence


Now we have come to the third part of YOGA POSES EXPLAINED – PHYSICAL AND MENTAL EFFECTS and if you have followed the first two parts you already know how beneficial it can be to tackle specific issues, be it physical or mental, with exactly the right poses. My next post will be the fourth and last part of YOGA POSES EXPLAINED and I hope you will enjoy this as well. Please let me know if you have questions about a special pose, even if I have not described it in my series. I will be more than happy to help. Namaste!


  1. Steve Reply

    I love how you have explained the positive effects on both the mind and body. People are always saying you need to connect the two when doing Yoga or any exercise, but this is so often not done. It’s great to see the benefits of these exercises, as I had no idea that such simple poses could affect so much! I was wondering about the picture you posted for the dolphin pose. It looks similar to Downward Dog, so I’m wondering what the difference is? Thanks for the information!

    • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

      Hello Steve

      thank you for your comment and I am glad that you enjoy learning about the positive effects of the different yoga poses. As regards Dolphin and Downward Dog, I have put the wrong picture to Dolphine. Please check my post again, the main difference is that with Dolphin your lower arms rest on the floor.

  2. phillip Reply

    I never would have thought that yoga poses can have this much of advantages and all. All my life I have always think that it is just a spiritual thing. However, with this very well detailed and broken into bits piece, I am more enlightener about the core of yoga and how each poses affects our mental and physical states. Thanks

    • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

      Thank you Phillip for your kind comment and I hope that you will try some of the poses to see the effect it has on body and mind. Let me know how you get along or if you have any questions.

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