Today I will start a complete new series of yoga poses explained in detail and their effects on body and mind. You will exactly know the physical and mental possibilities lying in these poses and you will have a guideline where to look for poses which will be most beneficial for you. I will present in each article 10 poses for you to check out. How to do these poses you can see in the various posts on my website, link or short explanation provided at each pose. 

Follow me on this journey and let us discover together how powerful yoga can be and how you can change your life!

Your muscular body

Your brain and its functions

Explanation of the different parts of the brain and their functions

Cerebrum – the outer part of the brain

Responsible for memory, conciousness, attention, language and thought

Frontal lobe

Responsible for personality, behaviour and emotions

Parietal lobe

Puts things in order when writing or reading or doing numbers

Temporal lobe

Responsible for understanding things we see and hear, remembering, recognizing and naming things

Occiptal lobe

Processes information from our eyes


Controls movement, balance and posture

Pysical and mental effects of the following 10 poses

1. Mountain Pose

Mountain pose – see

Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red

  • strengthens your thighs, knees, and ankles
  • improves posture, balance
  • firms abdomen and buttocks
  • relieves sciatica
  • reduces flat feet


Mental effects

  • activates the whole body and helps beat dreariness and depression
  • increases the awareness of the connection of mind and body
  • helps to feel gratitude and enhances motivation

2. Tree Pose 

Tree pose – see

Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red

  • stretches inner thigh and groin
  • helps relieve sciatic pain
  • opens your hips
  • strengthens ankles and feet
  • stretches shoulders
  • helps with flat feet

Mental effects

  • enhances confidence
  • improves self-esteem
  • helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • gives you peace of mind

3. Cat/Cow Pose

Cat/Cow pose
– see

Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red

  • stretches hips, back, abdomen, chest and lungs
  • increases flexibility of shoulders, neck and upper back
  • lengthens the spine

Mental effects

  • relieves stress symptoms
  • enhances creativity and focus
  • is a source of inspiration and creativity
  • helps experience joy

4. Downward Facing Dog

Downward facing dog – see

Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red

  • strengthens arms, hands, wrists, lower back, hamstrings, calves and the Achilles tendon
  • strengthens entire back and shoulder girdle
  • elongates shoulders and shoulder blade area
  • elongates cervical spine and relaxes the head
  • helps to prevent osteoporosis
  • helps with feet problems

Mental effects

  • helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • calms the brain
  • helps with mild depression
  • rejuvenates the whole body

5. Child’s Pose

Child’s pose – see

Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red

  • massages the internal organs
  • lengthens the spine
  • stretches ankles, shoulders and front thighs
  • elongates the lower back and relieves tension in it
  • strengthens the knees
  • helps with digestion
  • opens up the hips

Mental effects

  • boosts energy and combats fatigue
  • rejuvenates the whole body and mind
  • calms the brain
  • relieves stress

6. Happy Baby Pose

Happy baby pose – lie on your back, bring both bended legs up and hold with your hands

Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red

  • releases tension in lower back and sacrum
  • opens hips, inner thighs, and groin
  • stretches the hamstrings
  • stretches and soothes the spine

Mental effects

  • reinvigorates mind, body and soul
  • instand mood booster
  • calms the brain
  • relieves stress and reduces nervous energy

7.  Fish Pose

Fish Pose – lie on your back, arms on the side, palms facing down, on an inhale raise upper body, bend head

Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red

  • strengthens upper back and back of neck
  • stretches the front of the body, especially the throat
  • stretches chest, abdomen, hips and rib muscles

    Mental effects

  • balances hormones
  • calms your mind
  • gives a mood boost
  • stimulates the heart

8. Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose – see

Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red

  • stretches the chest, neck, spine and hips
  • strengthens the back, buttocks and hamstrings
  • improves blood circulation
  • stimulates the lungs, thyroid glands, and abdominal organs
  • improves digestion

Mental effects

  • helps with mild depression
  • calms the brain and nervous system
  • inspires creativity and love
  • lowers stress levels

    9. Cobra Pose

    Cobra Pose – see

    Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red

    • stretches muscles in shoulders, arms, chest and abdominals
    • decreases stiffness of the lower back
    • increases flexibility
    • firms and tones the buttocks
    • stimulates internal organs and improves digestion
    • strengthens the spine
    • opens the chest
    • helps to ease symptoms of asthma

    Mental effects

    • relieves stress and fatigue
    • invigorates the heart
    • elevates the mood

    10. Corpse Pose

    Corpse Pose – see

    Physical effects –  see parts involved below in red

    • enhances the benefits of the practice into your muscle memory, mind and nervous system
    • helps with total relaxation of all muscles

    Mental effects

    • calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression
    • reduces headache, fatigue and insomnia
    • helps to lower blood pressure


    The article on Yoga Poses Explained shall help you to understand the physical and mental effects of the poses. I thought it might be a helpful tool if you want to reach specific goals, either physically or mentally and you can choose the appropriate poses which will hopefully help with your practise and give you a deeper understanding of the whole process.

    Let me know how it works and if you want to have explained special poses – I would love to do this. Otherwise I will just continue with the various poses, each time explaining in depth 10 poses.

    Good luck and keep practising!


    1. ANNE K PATON Reply

      Absolutely fabulous site. Really informative, clear and pleasant to view. Loved the images and especially the anatomical figures showing the muscles being worked and the exercises’ effect.

      Couldn’t be better. Also liked the side menu showing clothing for Yoga.

      Altogether a brilliant website that I couldn’t ‘t fault.

      • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

        Hello Anne, thanks for your comment and your kind words regarding the quality of my post. I hope you will enjoy the series and it will help you find the right poses for you.

    2. Pentrental Reply

      Yoga poses are truly incredible and help with meditation and stretching and to see them listed all very nicely and organized is really helpful. Some positions that look like they really do the trick are the downward facing dog pose, the fish pose and the cobra pose, while the corpse pose looks quite relaxing haha. I’m looking forward to trying some of these as I’m always on the lookout for ways to stretch my back. Great post and thanks!

      • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

        Thank you so much for your comment. It means a lot to me if I think I can help people with my posts. And please try the poses for back stretching. Al the best. Angelika

    3. Nice Idea! Reply

      Hi Angelika,

      during the last days, I was thinking about trying some Yoga poses.

      I found your post at the right time! I want to try Yoga essentially for the physical effects, and thanks to your post I’ve just discovered that it gives also mental effects.

      This is amazing and beyond my expectation.

      Can you maybe suggest some routine which can involve mostly the back muscles and the abs?

      Thank you.


      • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

        Hello Andrea, thank you for coming back to me and I am glad that you found my post and that it can be helpful for your practice. If you want to strengthen your back muscles and abs, you can try this routine: for abs mountain pose, tree pose and cobra, for back cat/cow, downward facing dog, fish and bridge. Let me know how you get on!

    4. evansese Reply

      hello dear,

      what a great post you’ve got here on yoga poses explained mental and physical effects.. I must say that this post is indeed a fantastic post that has lots of yoga poses clearly explained it’s so chock full of useful information for yoga and I really can’t wait to start utilising these poses during my yoga classes..

      thanks for sharing have a great day ahead

      • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

        Thank you for coming back to me and the suggestion that you will incorporate these poses in your yoga classes. Are you a yoga teacher? Anyway, I am really glad that I can bring more light into the benefits of yoga poses and hope you enjoy reading my posts again.

    5. Skuchmane Reply

      hellooo dear, thanks so much for sharing such concised and amazing post, these article is great and gives and gives great information here, its very useful to me alot, i am glad i got to see these post, you are really amazing, i actually read it to the end because your choice of words and writing skills is really something to save and come back for future referencing, i really do fancy these post alot, it really has made my day fun, thanks alot for the info, it has been the best so far..

      • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

        This is so kind of you to say that my post has made your day, thank you so much! I will continue this series and hope that all my readers will benefit from this knowledge. Yoga is truly amazing and I hope you can practise regularly to have a fulfilling experience. Good luck!

    6. Iheanacho David Reply

      wow this is one of the best article i have come across today. Immediately i saw it i had to share with my girlfriend cos of course she cannot miss out on have a very detailed article here one each pose and how thry affect you physically and mentally.

      • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

        Thank you for liking my post and I see that it can be valuable to know a bit more about the poses and their effects on body and mind. I hope you and your girlfriend will find the right poses to practise!

    7. evans Reply

      hello dear

       really amazing review you’ve got here on yoga poses explained and it’s mental and physical effects, I must say you did a fantastic job in putting up such a detailed explanation of these yoga poses, they look so unique and I can’t wait to dig deep into them and start practicing them…

      thanks for sharing, I look forward to share this lovely article of yours

      • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

        Thank you for your kind comment. I will try to cover in this series a lot of yoga poses and I am happy if you share this with your connections. I hope you will find the poses you want to practise and that you will enjoy yoga on a regular basis.

    8. Philebur Reply

      Hi there thanks for this interesting piece of review it was really helpful. Yoga is amazing—even if you only practice for one hour a week, you will experience the benefits of the practice. If you can do more than that, you will certainly experience more benefits. I suggest starting with two or three times a week, for an hour or an hour and a half each time.

      • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

        Thank you for your comment and yes, practising even one hour a week will already help but you are right to suggest more hours of practice and I think once you have started to do this regularly, it will become a habit. I have written this post so my readers can choose which poses will benefit the the most.

    9. Thousand Reply

      Hello over there, I really want to say a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and educating article on the physical and mental effects of yoga poses.. yoga does have so many phisical and mental benefits to the body. Anyways before now I never really had a concised understanding of the effects of these yoga poses.. the understanding of the effects of these poses will actually serve as a guide or direction on the yoga posture to practice often. Nice one

      • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

        Thank you for your comment and I hope my series on all the different poses – also those not so well known – will help understanding more in depth the benefits of yoga and bring joy and health to my readers.

    10. Layefa2 Reply

      I never knew reading about yoga would be this interesting and I must say you did a fantastic job explaining the different yoga poses in this article. Yoga is definitely something I want start soon as I am looking forward to work on my mental and physical fitness. So, this article was helpful to me and I have learnt so much about a good number of yoga poses. Thanks a lot.

      • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

        Thanks for your encouraging comment. I hope you will find my series of yoga poses and their effects on body and mind helpful. Enjoy your practice!

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