YOGA POSES FOR PARTNERS – have fun together

I think a lot of people have the same problems during lock down – a very unusual situtation presenting everybody with getting used to a new daily routine. Some people suffer from loneliness and even depression when they have to stay home for a longer period of time without any outside contacts. Now a lot of easing the lock down is going on worldwide but we still spend more time at home together as in normal times.

So I thought I could write a short post and show you a couple of yoga poses which can be done together with a partner.

Check it out below.

Why yoga poses for partners?

Doing yoga together will initiate a feeling of being more connected, have fun together, learn more about your partner and spend some quality time which will even make you physically and mentally more flexible.

What are the main benefits?

Practising yoga with a partner can

  • Help getting closer to your partner by experiencing yoga in a new way
  • Bring more fun to your yoga routine by playing around with the various poses
  • Enhance communiction – you have to watch your partner’s moves and you
    must react to them, so you will practise listening also in other
  • Increase stretching – the partner’s body weight can enhance and deepen the practise
  • Improve alignment – the partner can help with your balance and posture by correcting you

Ideal Poses for Beginners

Partner forward fold

Benefits: stretches the hamstrings

  • Sit opposite your partner and have both legs wide apart and straightened out in front of you
  • Place
    the soles of your feet against your partner’s and hold each
    other’s forearms
  • One partner now gently hinges forward from the hips
    while the other pulls gently
  • Continue until you feel
    a deep stretch in your hamstrings, hold for a couple of breaths
  • Come back very slowly and change with your partner

Seated cat cow

Benefits: great stretch for hips, core and back, chest opener

  • Sit opposite your partner with your legs crossed and hold by your forearms
  • Balance resistance
    between you and your partner
  • Both of you to draw your shoulders back and down
  • Inhale and gently lift your heads and at the same time pushing out your chests – cow pose
  • Hold this position for a moment, and then exhale
  • As you exhale tuck your chins to your chests rounding your upper backs – cat pose
  • Look towards your belly buttons to keep your back rounded
  • You will feel a stretch in your shoulder blades
  • Hold this position for a moment and
    slowly alternate between the cat and cow positions for a few repetitions

Twin trees

Benefits: improves balance and posture and opens up the hips

  • Stand next to each other
    shoulders touching, feet hip width apart
  • Bring your inside legs into the floor, spread your toes and hold your
    weight on your whole feet
  • Slowly lift your outside legs,
    bend at the knees and bring the soles of your feet against the
    side of your lower leg or against your thigh
  • Do not place your feet against your
    knees, this will give too much pressure on the joints
  • Raise your arms above your heads and hold pose for a couple of deep breaths

Chair pose

Benefits:  strengthens the quads and improves posture

  • Stand back to back with your
    partner with your feet hip width apart
  • Walk your
    feet out a little bit and lean into your partners back for support
  • If you wish, you can
    interlace your arms
  • Go slowly down into a chair pose
  • You might have to adjust your feet further out
  • Keep pushing against each other’s backs for stability
  • Hold
    this pose for a few breaths, and then slowly come back up and walk your
    feet in

Double Downward Dog

Benefits: lengthens the spine and helps with gaining focus

  • The first person begins in the downward
    dog pose
  • The second person faces the same direction and places the hands in front of the first person’s hands and slowly lifts up the legs and places the
    feet against the lower back of the first person
  • This pose can be done either with the feet on the first person’s back from the side or you can start in front of the down ward dog person and step the feet onto the lower back of the first person and walk your hands in to do the downward dog

Buddy boat

Benefits: stretches the hamstrings and lower back and works the core muscles

  • Sit opposite your partner at half legs distance between you
  • Take hold of your partner’s hands
  • Bend your knees and place the soles of your feet to the soles of your partner
  • Try to balance on your sit bones
  • Both partners
    can start then to straighten the legs to form the boat pose
  • Look up and engage your core

Double Plank

Benefits: improves overall strength especially in the core

  • The first person starts in a regular
  • The second person puts the hands on the first person’s ankles
  • Then steps up and places the feet onto the first person’s shoulders

Warrior 3

Benefits: improves balance and opens up the chest

  • Both partners stand facing the same direction, one behind the other
  • Both spread their toes and plant the feet evenly on the floor
  • One partner moves into Warrior 3: (feet hip-distance apart, arms at the sides, left turn, now feet wide apart, heels aligned, right foot out 90 degrees, toes pointing to top of mat, left foot 45 degrees inward, right knee over right ankle, shin perpendicular to floor, arms overhead, palms facing each other, weight into right foot, left leg lifted, body parallel to ground, arms reaching forward, torso, hips, arms and raised leg parallel to the floor)
    When the first partner feels stable, the second partner also moves into Warrior 3
  • Both partners hold onto their partner’s
    calf with one hand and the other arms raised to the sky
  • Press hips together for balance

Ideal poses for more advanced yogis


Benefits: gives a deep back bend and makes hips and shoulders more flexible

This is quite an artistic pose and has to be executed very carefully!

  • The first person sits on the floor with legs extended
  • The second person gets hold of the sitting partner’s calves and goes into handstand
  • Then very slowly and carefully the second partner bends back until the legs rest on the sitting partner’s shoulders

Flying Bow

Benefits: improves lower body strength for the base person and lengthens the spine for the top person

  • This pose can be achieved from the flying superman position (see below)
  • While being in the flying superman pose the lying partner holds the top person’s shoulders to give support
  • The top partner bends one leg and holds the ankle, then does the same with the second leg forming the bow pose
  • When the top partner is in a stable position and the base partner has aligned the feet, the base partner can release the top partner’s shoulders

Flying Superman

Benefits: stretches and strengthens the chest muscles, arms, legs, abs,  shoulders and lower back

  • The base partner lies on the back with the feet up in an 90 degrees angle, hands facing down at the sides
  • The base partner pushes through the legs to straighten them and lift up the second partner who lies flat on the stomach
  • The base partner puts the soles of the feet against the abdomen of the second partner 
  •  You can hold hands while pushing up into the position to help with balance
  • The base partner can put the hands by the side and the upper partner can extend them out in front to resemble superman


I think these exercises do come just at the right time – we spend all more time at home and probably eat more than we do normally so it is a very good idea to do some fun exercises, and you can even involve partners with the additional benefit of having the chance to get to know each other better and to spend some fun and quality time and at the same time strengthen your body and mind.

Let me know your thoughts and how you get along. I am happy to answer all your questions.

Stay safe and well!

4 thoughts on “YOGA POSES FOR PARTNERS – have fun together

  1. Rika Reply

    Thanks for a great article with simple to follow instructions and pictures to go with it. I was looking for some exercises to do which requires limited space and these seem ideal.

    I have a bit of a back problem (not too serious). Are there any of these yoga moves I should completely avoid, or should I just take it slow?

    • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

      Thank you for your comment. As regards your back problem, I would be very careful and first consult with a doctor before doing any exercises. You can show your doctor the poses you are interested in – I hope you can nevertheless enjoy your yoga!

  2. edahnewton1 Reply

    Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I am delighted to have stumbled into an article like this. All of the Yoga poses are quite interesting, this will really help in building strong intimacy between partners. My wife will be very pleased to know about Yoga poses that we can engage in together, as she has been researching on Yoga poses that is suitable for partners. Thanks for the insight, warm regards

    • Angelika Sesterheim Post authorReply

      Thank you for the encouraging comment! I am glad that I could show you and your wife some possible yoga exercises for two! Enjoy! Warm regards, Angelika

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